~I Heart Rainbow~


Theme : Seven Colors of Rainbow

 Quote : My heart leaps up when I behold a Rainbow in the sky

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Rainbow Colors by Sharon MacDonald 

A rainbow of colors,
In the light, after rain.
There are seven of them,
And, each one has a name.

Red is the first
Rainbow color in the sky.
Orange is next
Like jack-o-lantern pie.

Yellow is the third,
Lemons come to mind.
Color four is green,
Think of grassy hills to climb

Blue is color five, 
Like the water in a lake 
The sixth is indigo
Blue-gray blends that you can make. 

Violet is the color 
Of the last rainbow band.
Violet is flowery; 
Like the pedals in your hand.

So, wave your arms above you
Cast your colors high
And, try to make a rainbow
Across a cloudy sky